Taking Reservations for 2015 Russian Queens … Order Now !!!

Walter’s Wholesome Goods apiaries are comprised of 100% Russian honey bees released by the USDA Bee Lab in Baton Rouge, LA.

We have been successfully shipping our open mated Russian queens and nucs throughout the entire country. Most customers pick up their nucs and/or queens at our home yard in Shepherdstown, WV, but overnight shipping is also available upon request.

We do not sell packages at this time  !!!

Our out-apiaries are located across the region, spanning from West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. WWG offers open-mated Russian Queens, bred in the West Virginia Eastern Panhandle, in beautiful Shepherdstown. If you want to decrease your dependency on miticides, and continue to produce honey, then why not give Russian bees a try. Learn more about the Russian Honey Bee Association at http://www.russianbreeder.org/  

  SOLD OUT !!!   2015 Nucs for Sale  … SOLD OUT !!!

Overwintered 5 frame nuc.WWG offers nucs for sale, priced at $150.00 each, and please keep  in mind that these prices are subject to change without notice and do not include shipping & handling.  All nucs are shipped/picked up in white unwaxed cardboard nuc boxes. We do not require a deposit to reserve the nucs. We are located in Shepherdstown, WV and our nucs can be picked up from our apiary or shipped to your location.

The default nuc configuration is made up of deep frames unless prior arrangement has been made for mediums (price is the same as well as frame arrangement for mediums). These are 5 frame nucs, where 4 are drawn frames with bees consisting of at least 2 frames of brood and a mix of stores of honey and pollen plus one frame of foundation. We rotate our foundation every 3 years, and try to have most nucs made up with new foundation when possible. The nuc will be headed by a healthy open-mated Russian queen honey bee, marked with the color of the year, and already established and accepted in the nuc. We plan to have the nucs ready by mid to late May, but please keep in mind that we are dealing with nature of which we have no control, so things may change according to the weather.The nuc will be delivered/picked up in a one-way cardboard nuc box at no additional cost.

We do not require a deposit to reserve the nucs. For a shipping & handling cost estimate please submit your zip code.

Queen_Overwintered2015 Queens for Sale                   

Our 2015 price for our open mated Russian queens is $30.00 per queen + USPS insured priority mail shipping. Queens are marked by default at no additional cost. The color for this year is blue. If you do not want your queen marked, please let us know ASAP.

We do not clip our queens; however, we can clip your queen upon request for a $5.00 fee per queen. We are currently booking queens for the month of June and stand-by slots are available for May 2015.

Virgin Queens & Queen Cells 

Queen Cells
Our queen cells are shipped overnight and/or can be picked up at our breeding yard. You must reserve these since they are produced to order. Minimum order is 20 cells at $7.75 each, and the next price break is for orders of 50 cells or more. The cells are grafted from the Russian Honey Bee Association release block for 2015. Cells will be shipped on day 10 after grafting and we recommend you ready your nucs/colonies 24 hours before receipt of the cells.

Virgin Queens
The use of our Russian virgin queens represents a double whammy for you, in the sense that you get great genetics at a reasonable price, and the virgin queen will mate locally with your chosen drones. Our virgin queens are ready to mate, and are priced at $13.75 each. They are shipped in JZsBZs cages, and are marked based on the international colors (this year the color is blue), with attendants. We ship priority mail, and you are welcome to set up an appointment for pick up.


Instrumental Insemination

We offer the service of Instrumental Insemination of queen honey bees. Contact us for more details on Instrumental Insemination        (II) of your queen honey bees.


Email us to place your orders.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions


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  • Our Harvest

  • Walter’s Wholesome Goods Honey is harvested from our Apiaries throughout Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all the nutrients are preserved. Eat as is, or add a burst of sweet flavor to your tea,include on breads & cereals, add to your favorite dishes … enjoy !!!
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    Walter's Wholesome Goods apiaries are comprised of 100% Russian honey bees released by the USDA Bee Lab in Baton Rouge, LA. Our out-apiaries are located across the region, spanning from West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia.

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